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Accessibility Features

We have tried to develop a Web site that is accessible to the widest range of clients possible, regardless of the technology they might use to browse the Internet.

Here are some tips and tools that will help you get the most out of the information presented on this Web site.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Whether you use adaptive technology devices or prefer to use alternate input devices, the information here will help you navigate this site.
Portable Document Format (PDF) Files
Find out where to get a free reader from Adobe as well as an explanation of the use of  PDF files on this site.
What to do if you cannot view information or page!
General Site Information

Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you use adaptive technology or just like to use keyboard shortcuts, these tips may be especially helpful. Please note that all browsers are different and support these techniques to varying degrees.

From Anywhere Within a Page

ALT+M: brings you to the start of the common menu bar at the top of the page. Tab once to go to the other language button, tab twice to go to the "Contact Us" button, etc.

ALT+1: skips the common and institutional menu bars (both top bars) and brings you directly to the left menu bar.

ALT+2: skips both the top and the left menu bar and brings you directly to the content of the page.


ALT+8: gives focus to the first form field on the page. Forms allow the user to interact with the Web site. A form could be one of three types:

  • A drop-down menu where the user scrolls through a list of options and chooses one;
  • A text field where the user completes information such as comments, name and address or e-mail address;
  • A check box or radio button field where the user chooses from a list of options and may be able to select more than one option. These fields are designed so that users can select any part of the corresponding text to make their selection

ALT + 9: activates the submit button. This is used when you provide information that will be submitted to the Department through the Web site.

ALT + 0: activates the reset button. This is used if you want to clear the information that you have already provided and start over again.

PDF Files

Our goal is to make the information on this Web site accessible to all users and, whenever possible, we have provided a Web accessible version of our pages.

Some information on our site is presented in Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF files, by nature, are not always Web accessible. If, for legal or other reasons, we cannot offer an accessible online alternative to the PDF file, we will provide contact information so that site visitors may request the information in an alternate format.

If you wish to access the PDF files on this Web site, you may need to install a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader software. For a free download of Adobe Acrobat Reader visit the Adobe site. After installation, you may have to restart your browser for Acrobat Reader to work.

What to do if you cannot view information or page!

We have made every effort to ensure that you have access to the information you need in the format you require. If at any time you cannot view the information you want, please use the Contact Us information accessible through the black tool bar located at the top of every page.

General Site Information

The Help page shows you how the site is designed to provide you with different ways of finding information.


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